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Terms and rules

1. Treat people with respect

In PAD, we want people to be themselves as much as possible. That means we're not always going to see things the same way. Be kind, even if you disagree.

If you do not know how to be kind to those with whom you disagree, this is not the community for you.

2. No causing drama

In this case, "causing drama" means intentionally raising topics of discussion which you know—or are made aware—are contentious. Particularly in channels in which such discussion does not belong.

2.1. No discussion of politics.

2.2. No discussion of religions.

2.3. No gossiping.

2.4. No denigration of... anyone, really.

3. Follow the law

We understand that we are, in large part, a kink-based community. We want to allow as much freedom as possible for everyone to have fun. There are lines, however. Crossing these particular lines will result in an immediate ban, without warning or discussion.

3.1. No one under 18 allowed.

3.2. No pictures involving underage humans. Cartoon or otherwise.

4. Stay on topic

This is a Lion King rule34 based community. While we enjoy and encourage general discussion, please remember why we are here. There are off-topic channels, but even in these channels some content is not welcome.

This is not a value judgement. You can like what you like. PAD is simply not the place to share it, unless it is adjacent to Lion King rule34.

4.1. No human-only content.

4.2. No human loli art.

4.3. No real-life zoophilic pictures.

Above All: Do not be a dick

When in doubt: ask a mod!

Things That Have Gotten People Banned

  • Lying about their age.
  • Advocating for sexual contact with minors.


3/15/2020 - Changed "3.2. No pictures involving underage humans. Duh." to "3.2. No pictures involving underage humans. Cartoon or otherwise."