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  1. TheTiger

    When did you first see The Lion King and how did you get into the adult side of it?

    I remember that my parents took me to see the original release in the theater back in 1994. I was about 6 years old at the time, so the very first time I saw the movie it was the dubbed version (where Timon and Pumbaa have Flemish accents!). It would be years later before I ever saw the real...
  2. TheTiger

    Weekly updates in your mailbox

    Hello everyone! In order to encourage growth of the forum a bit, and to occasionally remind people that this is a place they registered at one point or another, I've added a weekly mailing that informs you of the latest threads and posts for the last week. You'll receive a single weekly e-mail...
  3. TheTiger

    Element Chatrooms - Room List and Connection Info

    Connecting to the chatrooms Download Element from the official website or app store, or use a supported Matrix client of your choosing. If you are inexperienced with Matrix we recommend using Element. Start the client and select the option to create a new account. Select the option...
  4. TheTiger

    Riot is now Element

    Hello all, Important changes are afoot (apaw?) for those of you who use Riot to log in to our Matrix chatrooms. A few weeks ago Riot announced they would be changing their name, mostly because Riot Games was apparently giving them a hard time and it was starting to become a legal nightmare...
  5. TheTiger

    What are you listening to?

    🎶 In Upendiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🎶 Share your latest musical discoveries! Favorite bands, albums, tracks, artists. You name it, you share it.
  6. TheTiger

    The Madness of King Scar - Fan animated deleted scene from The Lion King

    So as I understand it, this scene (in some form or another) was going to be in the original movie. It was eventually cut, probably because the scene might be a bit too forward with Scar's interest in Nala (who is quite possibly his niece) to still be a kids movie. The scene was preserved in most...
  7. TheTiger

    NSFW Heat of the Pridelands - Character Sheets

    For the rewrite of Heat of the Pridelands I commissioned some amazing artwork from our very own PhoenixAzrael. She did a really great job bringing these characters to life for me. I'm not going to spoil who they are yet, but old time fans may be able to put in a guess or two ;). At least one...
  8. TheTiger

    Extreme Sixty-lion [Incest]

    Really the only picture I colored that kind of stood the test of time in my mind. Still have no clue of the colors are remotely accurate, colorblindness is a bitch :confused:.
  9. TheTiger

    The Welcome Thread

    This is the place to say hi, introduce yourself, and welcome newcomers to our lovely home.
  10. TheTiger

    Welcome to Pridelands After Dark!

    The Pridelands are beautiful during the day, but everyone knows the real fun doesn't start until the sun goes down. Welcome to the Pridelands After Dark, fellow Lion King lover! Our little community exists as a place for fans of adult Lion King creative work (drawing, painting, writing, music)...
  11. TheTiger

    Frequently Asked Questions (Read this first)

    General What is this place? Pridelands After Dark is a community of people who love The Lion King and its growing collection of Rule 34 artwork (that means porn). You can read more about our history and core values here. Do you allow cub artwork? Yes. PAD aims to be as open and as welcoming to...
  12. TheTiger

    Welcome to the Creative Den!

    The Creative Den is the place to post all your creative works, be it visual artwork, writing, music, or whatever else you wish to share. This is also the place to post your works in progress and request feedback. We do have a few rules; 1. Works that feature only human characters are not...
  13. TheTiger

    NSFW Our version of the Pridelands in a nutshell...

    There's some real good gems in there :ROFLMAO: