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  1. Alco

    Writing streams

    11pm utc works well for me on most weekdays (Thursday and Friday are iffy) and 4pm utc on weekends works well too. <3
  2. Alco

    Nia and Kali: Caracals of Healing Drums

    Outside the forest trees, the mother caracal and her two kittens, Nia and Kali, touched fertile ground. There, before their eyes, lay a wide field of dull yellow grass, grazed by herds of zebra. Her children cuddled behind her arms, peeking at the might of grey clouds hovering above. The...
  3. Alco

    Nia and Kali: Caracals of Healing Drums

    The sun’s morning light shined through the forest’s ceiling of branches. With an intense orange hue, the mist dispersed. Withered Leaves lay across the patches of grass and mud mounds. The awoken croaks of turacos and parrots sang at the peaks of sheltering trees, with the clumsy branch bounces...
  4. Alco

    Nia and Kali: Caracals of Healing Drums

    A blanket of grey mist cradled the bottoms of wide tree trunks. Their long, high branches sung through the night as leaves swayed with each gentle breath. Slight chirps grew as crickets gathered. The rustle of fallen leaves shivered around the forest floor. A small nest of leaves lay between...
  5. Alco

    Stickers Galore

    They're so cool altogether! Awesome styles/expressions for each feline!
  6. Alco


    Thanks Magicat. You comments mean a lot. :)
  7. Alco


    Thank you Daniel! :D
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  9. Alco

    NSFW Plots and Possibilities

    This was a lot of fun. The way you write the action, it pops the scenes into view so clearly: Zira glaring daggers at Nuka. Nuka spotting a brown blur flashing before his eyes. Him curled up as blows rained upon him. They click with strong verbs and are clear to follow. The dialogue for...
  10. Alco

    Kovu / Kiara / Kion / Rani Story (from writing club)

    First, congrats on your piece. This was fresh. I think you had a blast writing for Kovu. He's playful, relentless, pulling out some pretty witty lines. I was hooked. I expected some rivalry with not-so-little-anymore Kion. It was much more. Kiara shows her maturity for Kovu's sake (guide...
  11. Alco

    Timon & Pumbaa Double Family Trouble (Part 8)

    Boosting my forum contributions. Here's part 8 of my story. Chapters 1-7 available here: (Guests welcome too!) Part Eight: Night had fallen. Moto stood upon the highest branch of Neema Tree. Its dry twigs cracked. Bit by bit. He glanced below. His committee...
  12. Alco

    What are you listening to?

    I love your picks, Meowz. I'll look for more. These pick up the mood! Listening to this recently:
  13. Alco

    When did you first see The Lion King and how did you get into the adult side of it?

    Thank you for sharing Tiger. It must have been exciting to see the movie in 1994. It's nice to know that the Lion King 2 means so much to you, especially during the difficult times. Sorry you went through so much. And yeah, It does make sense why you'd prefer making stories with Kiara, Vitani...
  14. Alco

    Cub Extreme Asimov's Conquest

    Hi Amnais. I wanted to say that your writing is rich with detail! I liked how you introduced actions and encouraged self-insertion through lines like "You love the feeling of that fur when your scrotum slaps against it." They're helpful touches, especially for those who enjoy the thrill of a...
  15. Alco

    Best of Friends! (Color in Progress) Feedback Welcome!

    Thank you! It was much easier tinkering with their faces this time around. I can look into Kion's face more, it's probably mouth size, eye positions, etc. Original pencil sketch wasn't the best :P The shadows I'll keep seeing examples outside to check what to tweak. It is a difficult angle and...
  16. Alco

    Best of Friends! (Color in Progress) Feedback Welcome!

    Hello! Here's art that I'm working on. Feel welcome to share any feedback on it so far
  17. Alco

    Writing Club Times

    Alright. We can keep asking everyone when is best per week. Every Thursday morning for a check up seems good.
  18. Alco

    Announcement: Minecraft Server

    This looks amazing! Very tidy and welcoming
  19. Alco

    Introducing the world of Anima

    I love seeing these. Concept art is among my favorite parts in media planning. The different expressions and branches for your characters takes me back to when I studied the BTS character art from Disney DVD releases. I particularly love the two takes on surfing and the side angles for both Ana...
  20. Alco

    Writing Club Times

    Would Fridays usually open for your schedule, Magicat? I think all of us have been consistent for the 10 PM UTC time, so I wouldn't want a change if everyone easily attends.