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Weekly updates in your mailbox


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Hello everyone!

In order to encourage growth of the forum a bit, and to occasionally remind people that this is a place they registered at one point or another, I've added a weekly mailing that informs you of the latest threads and posts for the last week. You'll receive a single weekly e-mail that contains 5 new threads and 5 threads that have updates in them, where applicable. These e-mails are automatically sent out every Monday at midnight UTC. Note that these mails are not personalized, so it's entirely possible you've already seen all of the content in the e-mail. They are mostly meant to remind people who haven't visited in a while to come check the place out again.

If you're not interested in receiving these updates you may disable them from the link at the bottom of the update mail, or from your account's preferences page. Setting the 'Receive Email Digest' option to 'None' will ensure you will no longer receive these emails in the future.