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The Pridelands are beautiful during the day, but everyone knows the real fun doesn't start until the sun goes down.

Welcome to the Pridelands After Dark, fellow Lion King lover! Our little community exists as a place for fans of adult Lion King creative work (drawing, painting, writing, music) to meet, get to know each other, and have fun in a safe, friendly, accepting environment. We want to be a place that TLK fans can come for generations to enjoy and celebrate the art of The Lion King in all its forms, and encourage the amazing creatives of this community

Pridelands After Dark was born in late June 2019 when Radix, Sarku and TheTiger discussed the idea for a safe and persistent community for adult Lion King enthusiasts. To get away from the restrictive policies of Discord we chose Matrix as the platform for our chatroom. The name is, of course, a homage to Equestria After Dark, which was the largest adult My Little Pony fansite in existence before it shut down in late 2016.

During the first year of operation over 200 new members joined the chatroom, among them many of the fandom's most popular artists. It has since become a daily hangout for many regulars.

Our Values
Understanding the values of PAD is important for maintain an environment that helps us achieve our mission!

Show respect for the feelings and rights of others. We may not always agree, but choosing to be intentionally disrespectful of the feelings, abilities, or rights of others makes people feel unsafe and unwelcome.

This is our #1 rule.

Not showing respect also tends to lead to breaking our #2 rule by starting drama. Be patient. Be kind. Do not be a dick.

We want to accept Lion King fans from all walks of life and from around the world. Having diversity of thought, opinion, and background helps the community grow and keep being relevant in the lives of its members. Whoever you are or wherever you come from, if you're a Lion King lover, we want you to be able to call this home.

This means our members must be understanding to each other, and recognize that we come from different places and life experiences. We expect our members to be tolerant and welcoming.

We are an art-based community, at our core. Without the creative individuals who give their time and talents to the creation of Lion King content, we wouldn't be here. As such, we want to help inspire, encourage, and promote the flourishing of all creators of Lion King content.

As part of inclusivity and in encouragement of creativity, we want to maintain a space where everyone can be themselves. People in this community enjoy a broad spectrum of content, with many kinks, fetishes, and interests among them. We try to make a space for whatever people want, as long as it's within the rules.

We expect our members to also express a level of open-mindedness. If you do not like something you see, let the admins know about it, but don't get angry or belligerent at the person sharing.