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What are you watching?


If you are looking for something to watch I have a few things I would definitely suggest.

For TV:
  • Solar Opposites, From the creators of Rick and Morty it is a very funny animated show about a group of aliens who get stuck on earth after there planet is destroyed
  • Community, Old but good, another from Dan Harmon one of the team behind Rick and Morty, a comedy about a group of students in Community College. Very nerdy.
  • Space Force, A comedy created by and staring Steve Carell, about the new US Space Force Agency.
  • The Order, A Supernatural Drama about Mages Vs. Werewolves (sexy sexy werewolves). Hard to say more without giving anything away.
  • Hell on Wheels, Historical Drama about the building of the transcontinental railroad.
  • Paradise PD, From the creators of Brickelberry (another great show you should check out), A very funny, raunchy, animated show. Not for the sensitive.
  • The Dragon Prince, One of the few animies that I have enjoyed, it is for kids but it is a really good story with great characters and animation.
  • The Grand Tour, featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond from Top Gear, see the hilarious hijinks of the presenters as they do crazy things with cars.
For Movies:
  • The Death of Stalin, A hilarious historic dark comedy about the events surrounding Josef Stalins death.
  • Jojo Rabbit, Another dark historic comedy about a child growing up in Nazi Germany who's imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler and whose mother is hiding a Jewish girl.
  • Greyhound, Staring Tom Hanks, a very good war movie about the captain of a destroyer who is leading his first convoy across the Atlantic during the "Second Happy Time" in World War II.
  • Irresistible, A movie by Jon Stewart Featuring Steve Carell about a democratic campaign strategist who travels to middle america to run a small town mayoral campaign. Very funny with a great message about US politics.

Stand Up Comedy:

  • Jack Whitehall: I'm Only Joking
  • Bert Kreischer- Hey Big Boy, The Machine, and Secret Time
  • Anthony Jeselnik Thoughts and Prayers
  • Tom Segura- Mostly Stories, Completely Normal, and Disgraceful
  • Marc Maron - Thinky Pain and Too Real
That's all I got for now, let me know your recommendations!


There's plenty to try here! Thanks for sharing. I think I've heard of The Dragon Prince. I think one of the writers for Avatar: Last Airbender directed the show. I'll have to check it out. Space Force looks hilarious. It took me a while to recognize Jon Malkovich. :P I'd love to see Paradise PD, Hell on Wheels and the rest of the comedies too. I'm curious to at least see these once for sure.

For movies, I've seen Jojo Rabbit. Very surprising movie. I enjoyed how it told the story through the eyes of the kid. Your other choices sound amazing. I'll have to catch up more with Carrel's work. He's been busy!

I'm not used to stand up but these all seem like great to start with! Excellent lists!

As for me with movies:
I can recommend Three Idiots from 2009. It's a dramedy musical about three college friends that go through some funny times and hardships together. It's in Hindi with subtitles but I still think it's fun.
Leafie, Hen into the Wild is an animated movie I remember liking. It's about a chicken that flees from a hatchery and adopts an orphaned duckling.

I can keep adding as I remember/watch new things.


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Based on a recommendation from the chat I've been watching Dark, a German mystery science fiction type thing that is pretty damn good. The opening episodes have a sort of 'matured' Stranger Things vibe going on.


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Movies: too many to list but I love all dc, marvel, star wars my most recent John Wick 1-3 and obviously my all time favorites are lion king 1 and 2.

Tv: my favorites are game of thrones, doctor who, clone wars and obviously lion guard