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When did you first see The Lion King and how did you get into the adult side of it?


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I remember that my parents took me to see the original release in the theater back in 1994. I was about 6 years old at the time, so the very first time I saw the movie it was the dubbed version (where Timon and Pumbaa have Flemish accents!). It would be years later before I ever saw the real English version and the first time it sounded so weird and wrong to me. Of course now I consider that the true original.

It's funny, because I clearly remember the theater where it showed at the time (it was closed down and demolished last year, we now have a super modern Dolby Cinema theater :D), but I can't really remember my reaction to things like Mufasa's death, or if my parents tried to explain anything to me about it. I think it made me sad, but nowhere near the emotion that scene holds for me today.

When I was 13 I went through a particularly difficult period of my life after my father died. One of the ways I coped was my watching an old copy of Simba's Pride that we had on VHS. At one point I think I watched it at least once a day, and later on I would watch it back to back all throughout the night. I have no idea how many times I've seen it, but it was a lot. And I like to think it helped me through a dark period in my life.

Years later, I found the furry fandom when I was about 15 or 16, and I guess somewhere along the line I inevitably found TLK porn of Kiara and Kovu (which are, of course, the big obvious romantic couple to make art about). Having seen Simba's Pride so many times I guess it struck a cord with me, and I've taken an interest in it ever since. And to those paying attention, yes, the fact that I watched Simba's Pride so often is probably the reason my writing is more about characters like Kiara, Kovu and Vitani, rather than characters like Mufasa and Sarabi. I have a much deeper connection to the second movie, than I do with the first. I also hold TLK porn solely responsible for my incest fetish 🤭.

The rest, as they say, is history 😇.


Thank you for sharing Tiger. It must have been exciting to see the movie in 1994. It's nice to know that the Lion King 2 means so much to you, especially during the difficult times. Sorry you went through so much. And yeah, It does make sense why you'd prefer making stories with Kiara, Vitani etc.

Lion King 2 also holds a special place in my heart. One of my earliest memories is meeting my cousin, 1 year apart. We grew up watching a lot of movies and Part 2 was one of our favorites.

I finally saw the first movie at a family reunion when I was 7 or 8. It was amazing. I loved it and was glad to talk with so many people about it in one go. We bring it up to this day, always happy to hear about it. I've lost count of how many times we've had sing-a-longs. The Hula Dance was my favorite!

Once I received the movie as a gift, I loved learning about the creators' stories. It meant a lot that so many helped make The Lion King as it was. So then, I looked for fan art/stories and loved how they kept interest in the series years afterwards.

Off the top, I remember work from Chris McKinley, Kisu and hyhlion as the earliest "adult" art I remember. I appreciated the variety and how interpretive the series can be. It's inspiring to see it all. New designs are great. Pride drama is a favorite for sure and since I've enjoyed Lion King with family/friends so many times, I think this is why the goofier & heartwarming stuff draws me in the most. Favorite characters for me are Pumbaa, Vitani, Nala and now Kion. All loyal and helpful to their friends and loved ones I suppose :P I enjoyed The Lion Guard for including other animals in their short stories. I love crocodiles so seeing Makuu and the rest as characters was great to see, even though I did love the savage crocs from Simba's Pride.

I later found the PAD community and it's been fun! Many amazing people with a shared love for it all.


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I first saw the lion king when I was about 5 or 6 digging through my grandparents garage. In the garage I found TLK on VHS and I found out that I could fall in love with a movie. (I don't know what ever happened to that VHS but I am guessing the tape was destroyed from over watching) As for the 2nd movie when I was about 7 my mother and I were staying with a friend In a little town called Sedona Arizona. On a shelf in the friend's house I saw a "strange" VHS labeled the lion king II Simba's pride and I was dumbfounded to find out there was a sequel to my favorite movie. I kept my love for lion king throughout my childhood and it was no surprise that as I got older I discovered the more "adult" side. And I was lucky enough to catch the original lion king in theaters (something I had always wanted to be able to do) during the limited re release in 2018 and I was the only one in the theater. As of now I have probably seen both movies well over fifty times.


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Seeing The Lion King original release in 1994 with my mom is the first movie theater experience I remember (and it may have been the first time I went to a movie theater). Oddly, I recall that we got there early, and accidentally went into the wrong theater where the showing was in the middle of the movie, we quickly realized the mistake and went to the right theater (it was at the beginning of the stampede scene that we walked in on, luckily we left before Mufasa's death, so that part wasn't spoiled). I was 5 or 6 at the time, but I definitely cried at Mufasa's death. I grew up enjoying all the Disney movies, but TLK remained one of my favorites. Then, of course, Simba's Pride when it came out.

I discovered the adult side sometime around the age of 15, I had always been a fan of big cats and as interest in sexuality occurred, I naturally explored it amongst my other interests, eventually stumbling into furry porn and then TLK Porn. The first image image I found was done by Tim O'Rourke/Randy Muledeer (This one, if you're curious: And my scope expanded from there with Chris McKinley's work amongst others.


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Well. I watched The Lion King when I was 9-10 years old.While browsing my dad's DVDs, that's where I found it, and it made me really curious. I really couldn't stop watching it. This animated film made me forget about reality and helped me survive the moments when, for example, I cried.It was similar with the second part. Overall, it all helped me get through the tough times and I will always love these movies. Unfortunately, I don't remember where these CDs are, but luckily the internet remains. Thanks to the Lion King, an interest in big cats arose in me and I understood how wonderful these animals are. Believe me, when I read and read various things in which some poachers killed a lion, I wanted to cry and I even did it when I was alone. As for things for adults, I discovered it at the age of 16 or 15 thanks to a newly met friend who kind of introduced me to the world of furry and showed that there is a side like e621. At first I was shocked but in the end I started to like it honestly and now I really love it to this day. In my opinion, the best of the lion king are Female characters like Nala or Kiara.